About us - what it is all about

Deeply moved by the plight of poor children and their families,
we decided to help.

Therefore we have founded a non-profit association
with the name „Prema-Dhaara“ in Germany.

Prema-Dhaara comes from Sanskrit and means "stream of love".

Every child has a right to education and to that,
to be allowed to develop his or her personality and talents.

Currently, millions of children in India have no school education. Children in rural India live in abject poverty. A good school education is an unattainable goal for them, due to the exorbitant fees of private schools and the stunted, unreasonable conditions of state schools. This means that the chains of poverty cannot be broken across generations and these children have no chance to ever make something better out of their lives. In order to overcome this oppressive state of affairs in rural India, it is necessary that something changes.

There are already initiatives to provide free education for children in rural areas. This helps to ensure that these children can actively shape their destiny and thus develop from disadvantaged to equal, proactive citizens.

The charitable foundation Each One Educate One Foundation“ (E1E1) is an initiative to bring quality education to rural India. In the meantime, 29 free, value-based schools have already been built in the state of Karnataka, with a total of 600 to be built across India. E1E1 supports these schools and colleges by covering the full cost of education for the students. In doing so, they make education, which is an important prerequisite for a good start in life, accessible. These free schools bridge the gap between a city and a village school and offer equal opportunities to all students.

E1E1 is a platform created and managed by former students of these educational institutions. Since they themselves were recipients of this education, they have set themselves the goal of making this education available to others. Along the way they have been joined by many other individuals and groups who are passionately committed to providing quality education.

We got to know the E1E1 team 2019 in India and were able to learn a lot about their selfless work and also visit some of these schools. All schools are financed exclusively by private donations.

Shaken by the misery and poverty of the children and their lack of opportunities, and at the same time touched and convinced by the selfless work that E1E1 does, we decided to found a non-profit association in Germany to establish one of these schools free of charge, the Ananya Niketanam School in Udupi, to actively support the project. Together with friends in Germany we founded the non-profit association Prema-Dhaara e.V. (Prema-Dhaara means stream of love) was founded with the aim to finance the school and boarding costs for all children of this school through sponsorships and donations. We work closely with the E1E1 Foundation.

The Each One Educate One"foundation draws its inspiration from the life and legacy of Sri Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011), renowned humanitarian spiritual teacher.

His selfless love and boundless compassion for all people manifests itself as His mission to alleviate the suffering of the poor and needy through educational, health and drinking water supply projects - all completely free of charge. This mission is carried on by Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai.

Today, the Each One Educate One" program continues to promote this ideal of free education.

"A child without education is like a bird without wings"
(Tibetan proverb)

The vision is to provide free, quality, value-based, holistic education to the disadvantaged and needy children, without any discrimination, in order to create strong personalities with a brilliant intellect, a compassionate heart and competent hands.

To create a world-class educational infrastructure in rural India, with the highest priority given to the rural girls and boys in need.

In each of India's more than 600 districts, an educational institution is to be established that will provide a value-based holistic education and thus serve as a model for other institutions in the region.

While education is the best gift that can be given to a child, it is essential to identify what constitutes a good and healthy" education and to act accordingly. An environment in which a holistic education is given ensures that any investment in this type of education has a positive multiplier effect in society.