Statutes Prema Dhaara e.V. Plauen

§ 1 Name, registered office and financial year

  1. The association bears the name Prema Dhaara e.V.
  2. The seat of the association is Plauen.
  3. The language of the association is German.
  4. The financial year is the calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose

  1. The association Prema Dhaara e.V. pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes in the sense of the section "tax-privileged purposes" of §§ 51 ff. Tax Code.
  2. The purpose of the association is the promotion of education and training.
  3. The purpose of the Articles of Association shall be achieved in particular by
    • the public relations work for the Indian Ananya Niketanam School in Udupi, Karnataka, India, which is to be supported, for needy and poor children of all classes and religions, as well as the representation and safeguarding of their interests in Germany.
    • To support and promote this Indian school and its students in general and to cultivate the language, education, upbringing and culture in particular on the basis of ethical standards such as truth, love, right action, peace and non-violence.
    • organizing cooperation with German schools and the development of all kinds of contacts between India, the Indian population as well as the German population and the Federal Republic of Germany.
    • organising events to exchange experiences and knowledge of its members as well as students, teachers, headmasters of Indian and German schools.
    • the financial support of this Indian school to be supported in its various tasks and its students (such as school and boarding school costs).

Also in all other respects Prema Dhaara e.V. undertakes everything, which exclusively the purpose of the association serves or is useful and also the promotion of the general public and the reputation of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German population abroad serves, uses and contributes to it (§ 51 Abs. 2 2. Alt AO).

§ 3 Non-profit status

The association is selflessly active; it does not pursue any self-economic purposes. Funds of the association may only be used for the purposes set out in the statutes. The members do not receive any allowances from the association's funds. No person may be favoured by expenses that are alien to the purpose of the association or by disproportionately high remuneration.