Sponsorship & donate

One person alone cannot help all of them, but together we can make a lasting positive change in the lives of these children. Because each of these children is unique in its personality and talents. To encourage, support and accompany them in their young lives is our motivation, our goal and our great joy.

Even the cost of just one cup of coffee per day could provide two children with an education.

How you can help

We provide free education for children who would otherwise not receive one.
For those who would like to support this project, the following possibilities are available.

  • Donate flexible amounts once and without obligation.
  • Take over sponsorship(s) for one or more children.

(The duration of the sponsorship(s) can be adjusted individually)


  • Sponsorships per child for school fees only: € 20,- per month, or € 240,- per year
  • Sponsorships per child for school fees including boarding school costs: € 75 per month, or € 900 per year

Drawing of a student

Shell artwork of a student